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Here is what they say about Sabrina!...



In the operating room, Sabrina Winters is a patient advocate, pays attention to detail, and responds to the needs of the patient and surgeon. She is a team player, good communicator, and seeks opportunity for the promotion of better patient care.
— Scott Steinmetz, MD (General Surgeon)

Sabrina is a caring, self-sufficient and vigilant nurse anesthetist. Having her in my presence gives me the assurance that patients will be safe and well cared for.
— Towanna Fontenot, MD (Anesthesiologist)

It is an honor to work with Sabrina Winters, CRNA who practices at the highest professional level at all times and her passion to advance herself in her field encourages others to follow in her footsteps.
— R Ritter-Jones, RN

I truly enjoyed working with Sabrina. She is focused. kind, and always a patient advocate. Never satisfied with “good enough,” Sabrina’s work ethic is outstanding and sets her apart. She is a true team player.
— Stephanie Thompson, PharmD, MD (Anesthesiologist)

Sabrina is an excellent co-worker and team player. She has experience with a wide variety of cases and is an excellent resource.
— R. McKenzie-Robinson, CRNA